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US home prices surged 6.2% from a year ago

Prices are rising at more than double the pace of wage growth, the Associated Press writes. Source link

Billionaire real estate developer on tax bill impact

Don Peebles, The Peebles Corporation, discusses the tax bill impacting property in high-tax states like New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Source link

More housing markets are overvalued, and consumers feel the pain

Fannie Mae’s chief economist, Doug Duncan, attributed this decline to seasonality. “The modest decrease in October’s Home Purchase Sentiment Index is...

Proptech is good for the sharing generation: executive

Anthony Couse, CEO at JLL Asia Pacific, says technology use in the property sector with the sharing generation is just one possible application. Source link

Mortgage demand unchanged even as interest rates fall

The interest rate on the popular 30-year fixed mortgage moved lower last week for only the second time since September, but that was not enough to entice consumers to...

Richard LeFrak: Tax bill was supposed to be about jobs

Richard LeFrak, The LeFrak Organization chairman and CEO, shares his thoughts on the Republicans' plan to overhaul the current tax code. Source link

Richard LeFrak: It's interesting a lot of 'loophole closings' occur in 'blue states'

Richard LeFrak, The LeFrak Organization chairman and CEO, weighs in on the Republicans' tax plan. Source link

Richard LeFrak: No question international money 'spigot' turned off

Richard LeFrak, The LeFrak Organization chairman and CEO, weighs in on the state of investments in the U.S. and Amazon's impact on the retail sector. Source link

Why the housing market got no bump from Trump

Investor confidence soared after the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump, sending the U.S. stock market on a tear that would last a full year. It also made housing more...

One57 penthouse sold in NYC's biggest foreclosure auction

CNBC's Robert Frank takes a look at the penthouse sold at a $16 million loss in New York City's biggest foreclosure auction. Source link