How I conquered the 8 biggest fears about starting a business

The world is a tough place, and most people will fail at starting a successful business. However, do not let that stop you from being an optimist. Sometimes in very important sales or pitch meetings, even when I feel anxious or pessimistic, I will have an “out of body” experience and I can see myself speaking passionately and positively, and I think “I can’t believe this guy (me) is saying all this crazy optimistic stuff!”

Yet people seem to listen, because optimism is gasoline for leadership — without it, you are going absolutely nowhere. Do not be afraid to believe that things will work out, because if you work your tail off your chances of success skyrocket.

—By Ravin Gandhi, founder and CEO of GMM Nonstick Coatings, one of the largest suppliers of nonstick coatings to the $9 billion housewares industry. As a VC investor, Gandhi has stakes in KeyMe, Hester Biosciences, Ka-Pop Snacks, SenSanna, Apptronik, Amber Agriculture, Ampsy, Tred, and Lettrs.

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