New tools may figure out how big your retirement check will be

The resulting product,, helps individuals sort through claiming rules.

Now, Meyer is at it again with a new product,, which aims to help individuals decide from which accounts they should withdraw from when.

It might sound like a simple dilemma, but just one decision can have catastrophic consequences, Meyer said.

For example, one withdrawal from your individual retirement account could impact both your Social Security taxes and what you pay for Medicare.

“Just varying which account you draw down from can find tens of thousands of dollars more for someone,” Meyer said.

On average, managing a withdrawal sequence correctly can make someone’s money last for seven years longer, Meyer said.

That’s different from the sequence traditional firms typically use, which go for taxable accounts first, followed by tax-deferred and then Roth accounts.

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Income Strategy, based in Leawood, Kansas, also aims to set its product apart from competitors that are developing similar platforms through the level of detail it considers.

Once a user has inputted all of their accounts, the site aims to make the process of withdrawals easy. A “Get Cash” button on the site allows you to input the amount you want to take out — say $40,000 for the next three months — and you will be presented with a list of what you should sell.

For a subscription fee of $20 per month, you execute those transactions yourself.

For $50 per month, you get access to a higher level of service, where those transactions are executed for you. There are also other perks, such as a mini call center with certified financial professionals available for advice or access to low-cost ETF models.

For $125, individuals can get a one-time advice session, which can be a general overview or just on Social Security claiming. officially launched in January, but it has already managed to attract more than $1 billion in assets in nine months, Meyer said.

Part of that growth was helped by the financial advisors who used the engine and provided critical feedback in the year prior to the consumer launch. is aimed specifically at consumers, who may be reluctant to pay a professional advisor a 1% fee. Those professionals often do not have the right tools to come up with the best drawdown strategies, Meyer said.

“I want it to be an alternative to advisors,” Meyer said. “Advisors are great, but a lot of people don’t have advisors.”

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