One highly successful NYC family spills their best tips

After 10 years, Paul opted to sublet Lazer Park’s real estate to another entertainment company, after weighing the financial implications of increasing rent and competition. The amusement center ended its lease and Paul has since returned to the finance industry.

But the streak now continues with Eric, who launched his tech start-up, YourNeighborhood, in 2012. It’s a Yelp-style platform that provides real estate data, listings and tips for New York City.

“We thought we could fill a big void in the marketplace,” Eric told CNBC in June. “We provide overviews from local writers and bloggers about what the area is like, as well as local tips. We have all of the neighborhood data in terms of pricing, transportation, landmarks and other background info. Users can post their reviews of what the area is like and who it is and isn’t good for.”

YourNeighborhood is now working with 10 of New York City’s biggest real estate brokers to offer more rental and sales listings.

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